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106 pages, Casebound
127x214mm, Portrait

100 photographs

ISBN-10: 1900988895
ISBN-13: 9781900988896
Lyrics of the Sands
'Many a dusty desert, long a wilderness across whose hot stones the thirsty camels hasten,
Have I crossed, passing from the unknown to the known
on the back of a fine she-camel, moving swiftly
even when through the darkest nights'

Mutammim Bin Nuwayra Al-Yarbuee, (Poet, 667 AD)

This beautiful book showcases the spectacular desert portraits of the photographer, Gloria Kifayeh, whose images of the Empty Quarter in Arabia have received widespread acclaim.

Accompanying the illustrations is a selection of quotations from the work of the great pre-Islamic Arab poets or the oral tradition. These insights into the desert way of life as captured by the early bards of the Arabian peninsula serve to highlight the cultural heritage of the desert landscape; a view through the eyes of its Bedouin inhabitants to accompany the stark portrayal through the photographic lens.

A book of real beauty, a celebration of the Arabian desert.
Gloria Kifayeh - Gloria Kifayeh, the renowned American photographer, has been working and living in the United Arab Emirates since 1985. she has exhibited her photographs extensively in galleries in the USA and the UAE. Her photography evokes the beauty and awe of the Arabian landscape which are essential to understanding the heritage of that unique region of the Earth.

Earlier published collections, reflecting this understanding and Gloria Kifayeh's photographic skills include Soul of Sand and The Wonders of Musandam. She is the main photographer from the book United Arab Emirates- Past, Present and Future, and exclusive photographer for Traditional Arabic Cooking. She was chosen by the ministry of Information and Culture in sharjah to be on the panel of judges for the prestigious Ramadan photographic competitions held yearly.