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214 pages, Paperback gatefold
210x125mm, Portrait

Revised Edition

ISBN-10: 1905299265
ISBN-13: 9781905299263
The Business Travellers' Handbook to Saudi Arabia - Revised Edition
The Gorilla Guides have already been widely acclaimed by Chambers of Commerce and the export desks at Trade Partners UK. Each guide is written by a highly experienced author with extensive, practical knowledge of the target market. They are the only mainstream publications to focus exclusively on business travel. Produced in handy pocket format, the guides include a series of maps, historical information, industry overviews, information on setting up a permanent operation, plus a city-by-city tour of the country.

- Essential tips on where to stay and how to get started
- Local customs, business etiquette, basic vocabulary and useful phrases
- Where to lunch and dine a local guest
- Full details of organisations offering support and advice
- Authoritative insights into the major economic and commercial sectors
- General travel advice
- The nitty gritty of import regulations and dealing with customs
- Advice on local partnerships and regional offices
- Appendix of useful contacts

Useful Contacts

Saudi British Trade Directory

Riyadh Group for British Business
Andrew Mead - Andrew Mead has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and has been engaged in business throughout the region, both for his own company and others, for over 20 years. During the boom period of the arly eighties, as a resident of Jeddah, he was responsible for the sales of over 50 million of British manufactured goods to the region.

In the early nineties, Andrew investigated The Saudi British Trade Directory, a comprehensive guide to local sources of UK-supplied products and services in Saudi Arabia, which he now updates annually on behalf of the British Embassy in Riyadh. His experience in the area also extends to managing catalogue exhibitions for UK companies exporting to the region, and producing trade magazines promoting British exports and a pocket guide to Saudi Arabia's capital city.