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196 pages, Hardback
223x143mm, Landscape

Published by William Heinemann Ltd

ISBN-10: 0434735043
ISBN-13: 9780434735044
Bodies and Souls
Tom Stacey's men are the kind who used to be called "real men"- the sort who don't eat quiche....To watch these stoical figures crumble as their worlds take on unforeseen shapes, shapes that turn their spruce manliness into a handicap, is a moving experience. People like these are seldom met in fiction and deserve a hearing'
Penny Perrick, Sunday Times

A failed businessman makes a strange pact with his femme fatale; a young Cotswolds landowner is lured to unexplored Africa; a Welsh sheep farmer is victim of a mysteriously blighted radioactive world; a holidaying MP serves out an ancient vengeance; a diplomat's future hangs on the fate of a lawless Scot... In each case, life's hidden depths well up to confront or devastate the ordered surface of existence.

For more information on Tom Stacey please visit his website at www.tomstacey.com
Tom Stacey - Author of Tribe, The Pandemonium, Bodies and Souls, Deadline(filmed for television with John Hurt), and The Worm in the Rose. He is the author of seven novels, including the seminal work The Brothers M, partly set in Ruwenzori. Other works include collections of short stories and two books of remote travel. He is the winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and of the Granada Award as Foreign Correspondent of the Year, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

He is married, has five children and many grandchildren, and lives in Kensington and North Wales.

For more information on Tom Stacey please visit his website.

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