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ISBN-10: 1905299206
ISBN-13: 9781905299201
Hartley's Foreign Phrases
One of the delights of the English language is its extraordinarily diverse vocabulary, much of which isn't really English at all! Think of eating or cooking, and you will be reaching to the French; to the Italian for musical expression; to the German for states of mind or soul; to the Spanish or Portuguese for song and dance; to the shared Latin roots for precision and concision. Who has not endured angst or, at least, esprit d'escalier, for failing to find - pronto - le mot juste?

An extensive and authoritative survey, listing everything from abattoire to zorro, Hartley's Foreign Phrases is set to become a standard work of reference for all those interested in language and its origins.

A special appeal of Hartley's Foreign Phrases lies in the individuality of the entries, which imparts character and a sense of discovery. Its discursive nature leads the curious browser through a linguistic tapestry of the familiar and the unfamiliar. Remarkably, Hartley's Foreign Phrases will be the only work of its kind to be generally available.

A companion title to Anthony Lejeune's well-established Dictionary of Foreign Quotations, Hartley's Foreign Phrases will be an essential point of reference for anyone who has ever pondered the meaning of those oft-heard but rarely explained European words and phrases.

This is a sister publication to
The Dictionary of Foreign Quotations

J.L.A. Hartley - J L A Hartley's main reason for writing this book was to show others how crucially important words are. He hopes his book will bring others to be as captivated as he is in the subject. He lives in London.