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482 pages, Paperback
125x200mm, Portrait

ISBN-10: 1906768358
ISBN-13: 9781906768355
The Hockey Stick Illusion - Climategate and the Corruption of Science
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Andrew Montford talked about his work and his views on climate change on Radio 4's The Report on Dec 10th 2010.

Here is the definitive exposé of the distorted science behind the iconic global warming graph centrally responsible for the global panic about climate change.

From Steve McIntyre's earliest attempts to reproduce Michael Mann's Hockey Stick graph, to the explosive publication of his work and the launch of a congressional inquiry, this book is a remarkable tale of scientific misconduct and amateur sleuthing. It explains the complex science of this most controversial of temperature reconstructions in layperson's language and lays bare the remarkable extent to which climatologists have been willing to break their own rules in order to defend climate science's most famous finding.

The book also covers the recent leak of the email archives of the Climatic Research Unit which exposed the degree to which climate scientists on both sides of the Atlantic have hidden and manipulated data to support their claims.

"...a rattling good detective story and a detailed and brilliant piece of science writing."

Matt Ridley, The Spectator

"...one of the best science books in years....This book deserves to win prizes."

Prospect Magazine

"..as Andrew Montford unequivocally demonstrates in his masterpiece The Hockey Stick Illusion, the story of the hockey stick represents one of the greatest exercises in mendacity and fudgery in the history of science."

James Delingpole

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Andrew Montford - The author studied chemistry at St Andrews University. He is a respected blogger at Bishop Hill where his layperson's explanations of the Hockey Stick debate have won wide acclaim. He lives in rural Scotland with his wife and three children.