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212 pages, Hardback
270x312mm, Portrait

Published June 2010

ISBN-10: 19067681111
ISBN-13: 9781906768119
Survival: Saving Endangered Migratory Species
Our ruthless exploitation of the natural world has already driven many wild animals to the brink of extinction. Among the most threatened are many migratory species, whether avian, terrestrial or marine. Because in most cases these species cross national boundaries, the need for international conservation efforts is particularly great.

Albatrosses and petrels, migratory water-birds and raptors, whales, dolphins and other marine mammals; antelopes and forest elephants and even gorillas - these are just some of the key species that are the subject of this meticulously researched and richly illustrated book.

Produced in conjunction with a UN agency, this book is both an informative warning against the threat facing many species and a stunning celebration of their beauty.

Survival, in its U.S. co-edition, was a finalist in the Nature and Environment category of the Benjamin Franklin Award 2011.

Stanley Johnson - Stanley Johnson, a former MEP, has worked in the European Commission as Head of the Prevention of Pollution division and as Director of Energy Policy. Stanley has been a trustee of the Earthwatch Institute and is currently Chairman of the Gorilla Organisation and an Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

In 1984 he was awarded the Greenpeace Prize for Outstanding Services to the Environment and the RSPCA Richard Martin award for services to animal welfare. He has had more than a dozen books published on environmental issues.

Stanley has written a memoir and nine novels.

Robert Vagg - Robert Vagg works at the UN Environment Programme's Convention on Migratory Species in Bonn, where he edits their encyclopedia on the history and activities of the Convention.

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