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174 pages, Hardback
240x270mm, Portrait

ISBN-10: 1906768692
ISBN-13: 9781906768690
Treading the Dance
David Broadbridge;  Sonia Brandes (Illustrator)
This is a bilingual, illustrated collection of medieval Danish folk ballads. In these pages, the English speaking reader will discover many ideas, images and themes familiar from British folk song and literature, including desperate lovers, magical animals and bloodthirsty nobles.

The Danish ballads are important because they show us key aspects of the Northern European sensibility in a vernacular style, and were the first European ballads to be collected and written down.

Over the centuries, the ballads have inspired songwriters, poets and playwrights, serving the needs of World War II resistance fighters and even forming the basis for a radio jingle.

For the Romantic poets in both Denmark and England, the revived interest in the ballads sprang from their ability in both style and content to produce a powerful narrative drama that taps into fundamental aspects of human experience.

From The Maiden in Birdskin
He cut the flesh out of his chest
And hung it on the tree,
She spread her wings and down she flew
Great was her grief to see.

But when the little nightingale
Pecked at the bloody meat,
She changed into the fairest maid
That you could ever greet.

David Broadbridge - David Broadbridge was born in London and grew up in Essex. After attending Bancroft's School he read English and Theology at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. On leaving Oxford University he began his teaching career in the early 1970s in Skive, Denmark, before returning to Canterbury, where he is a University Tutor.

Sonia Brandes - Sonia Brandes has developed the skills of paper-cutting into an art form. Her work has been exhibited around the world.