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557 pages, Casebound
154x234mm, Portrait

Black and white illustrations throughout

ISBN-10: 1900988763
ISBN-13: 9781900988766
Tribe: The Hidden History
of the Mountains of the Moon
Tribe tells the hidden history of the Mountains of the Moon, the glacier-crowned lost world of incomparable beauty that lies at the heart of equatorial Africa. Award-winning author Tom Stacey has been intimately involved in the life of the mountains and their people for over 50 years. In this compelling work, straddling the genres of travel and history, he traces the story of the Bakonzo tribe and their turbulent bid for self-determination. He tells of his own mission to mediate with the Ugandan government on behalf of the rebel Bakonzo kingdom which he had unwittingly inspired, and writes with passion and depth on the sanctity of race and place.

Tribe was nominated by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto in the Times Literary Supplement as Book of the Year for 2003:

'Tom Stacey's Tribe (Stacey) triumphantly defies every literary shibboleth, unfolding an important document of the history of the end of the British Empire, and a story of Stacey's personal engagement with and commitment to the people of Uganda's Mountains of the Moon.'

And in the same vein, Tom Adam in The Scotsman seized on Tribe as his 'Find of the Year':

'The other unignorable voice, heard last month, is that of Tom Stacey, in Tribe. Both Norman Lewis and Wilfred Thesiger would have treasured Tribe as true travel; it captures Banville's essence of ‘elsewhere’. Everything shimmers. The writing is limber, lyrical, muscular and compelling - often all of these at once. My find of the year.'

Ronald Mutebi (Kabaka of Buganda), in The Literary Review:

'Tribe is history, anthropology, travelogue and philosophy all brewed together to produce a wonderful story, and it has much to say to us all.'

Mark Amory, in The Spectator: 'Tribe is a thrilling adventure ... The reader is lifted by Tom Stacey's boundless commitment and sincerity.'
Tom Stacey - Author of Tribe, The Pandemonium, Bodies and Souls, Deadline(filmed for television with John Hurt), and The Worm in the Rose. He is the author of seven novels, including the seminal work The Brothers M, partly set in Ruwenzori. Other works include collections of short stories and two books of remote travel. He is the winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and of the Granada Award as Foreign Correspondent of the Year, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

He is married, has five children and many grandchildren, and lives in Kensington and North Wales.

For more information on Tom Stacey please visit his website.

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