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128 pages, Casebound
290x220mm, Landscape

120 black and white photographs

ISBN-10: 0905743911
ISBN-13: 9780905743912
The Emirates by the First Photographers
The period covered in this book (between 1900 and 1962) saw the Emirates emerging from independent Shaikdoms to unification as the United Arab Emirates and with this, the arrival of oil. This book presents an outstanding selection of images, most of which have never been published before. The photographs show the remarkable transformation of the region from small coastal settlements to the modern, bustling cities of today. William Facey's authoritative text places the photographs in their historical context, while Gillian Grant's study of the photographers and their techniques provides further illumination.
William Facey - Author of Saudi Arabia by the First Photographers and The Story of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. He began his career as a classicist at Oxford and has emerged as a leading historian of the Arabian Peninsula. For many years he has worked as a consultant on museum projects in the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in the archaeology, history and people of the individual nations. He has also been involved in planning museums and exhibitions in England, Europe, Central America and the Far East.

Gillian Grant - Gillian Grant is an archivist. She began her work at the Middle East Centre, St Anthony's College, Oxford, cataloguing their extensive photographic collection. She is a specialist in early photographs relating to the Middle East, researching extensively in England and Turkey and elsewhere into early photographic sources of the Arabian Peninsula. She currently works from her home in Dorset. Her most recent publications include: Historical Photographs of the Middle East and Middle Eastern Photographic Collections in the United Kingdom (1989).

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