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212 pages, Hardback jacketed
147x223mm, Portrait

ISBN-10: 19009883811
ISBN-13: 9781900988384
Fighting It Out
When a group of men with total control over their country realised their days of power were numbered they set up a complex scam to steal all the money in the country's banks. One man alone was apparently in a position to stop them, his name was Atanas Tilev and he stumbled across the plot by accident.

Tilev is a Bulgraian, who left Communist Bulgaria as a young man. By the time he returned to his supposedly post-Communist homeland he was probably Bulgaria's richest son. Yet his wealth was to prove no protection against the network of ruthless men who had been running the country for decades and who were using their dwindling power to purloin the country's assets.

Fighting It Out tells how Tilev came to be uniquely placed to expose and even thwart the plot. At the same time it chronicles the metamorphosis of the former Communist elite of Bulgaria into a governmental mafia of which, even with the recent election to the Premiership of the honourable ex-King, Simeon, the country has yet to be fully cleansed.

This story reads like a thriller, yet every word is true. In his attempt to expose the plot which brought the country to its knees, Atanas Tilev became the target of assassins. That was in 1996. The corruption of the past hangs over today's Bulgarians, whom this very book will awaken to the scale and nature of the fraud perpetrated upon them and to the single-handed valiance of a Bulgarian who seeks to serve them all.
Atanas Tilev - Atanas Tilev was probably the richest Bulgarian in the world when he returned to his country. But his wealth was of little avail when it came to cpmbatting the villany of the ex-Communist clique in control of Bulgaria, who were systematically improverishing their own country on a massive scale to their own cynical pecuniary advantage.