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64 pages, Wire bound
230x160mm, Portrait

55 drawings

ISBN-10: 1900988054
ISBN-13: 9781900988056
The Desert Driver's Manual
Desert driving is challenging and exhilarating. It can also be risky. Even if you want to take a day trip into the desert, you need to plan ahead. Fortunately, help is at hand. Jim Stabler is an expert traveller and has distilled his hard-won wisdom into this useful handbook. It contains practical hints on navigation and driving techniques, lists of safety equipment and first-aid advice, information on planning your trip and selecting your campsite, plus the all-important topic of how to retrieve a stuck vehicle. No desert driver should be without it.

Includes how to:

plan ahead
check your vehicle
assemble your equipment
select your camping site
navigate day or night
know your vehicle
handle your vehicle
extricate your vehicle

'This is an excellent field-usable guide to desert driving. It is non-region specific, though its best use is in the Middle East. It is spiral-bound and quite thin - good for the glove compartment. It covers everything from navigation through recovery skills to vehicle preparation - just as you would expect. The line drawings are a bit 'eccentric' (makes me think of Wainwright's guides to the fells!) but none the less effective for all that. Even experienced drivers will learn new things here. At this price no desert traveller should be without it.' Sam Watson
Jim Stabler - For many years, Jim Stabler, compiler and author of The Desert Driver's Manual and contributor of Desert Treks from Riyadh, has been penetrating the desert terrain of Arabia in vehicles of many kinds under every sort of condition and circumstance. In the Manual he has distilled his wisdom in compact, orderly form to produce the essential handbook which no driver leaving the tarmac in desert regions can risk being without.