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122 pages, Hardback
223x143mm, Landscape

Published by William Heinemann Ltd

ISBN-10: 0434735078
ISBN-13: 9780434735075
'Tom Stacey, a former correspondent of the Sunday Times, writes with verve and humour about a world he knows inside out. Moving, intense, profound, Tom Stacey's prose is so crisp and light that you seem barely to skim along the surface, yet this is one of the most haunting novels I have read for years'
Residents Abroad

A once famous world-roving correspondent, now self-exiled on an island in the Persian Gulf, is an old and forgotten man. When the coup happens it seems he is the last to know. His mind torn between the present and the past as he constantly relives the great love affair that brought him to the island, he sees the last great story of his life slipping away from him, until a meeting with his old friend, the deposed Emir, places a worldwide scoop in his hands.

For more information on Tom Stacey please visit his website at www.tomstacey.com
Tom Stacey - Author of Tribe, The Pandemonium, Bodies and Souls, Deadline(filmed for television with John Hurt), and The Worm in the Rose. He is the author of seven novels, including the seminal work The Brothers M, partly set in Ruwenzori. Other works include collections of short stories and two books of remote travel. He is the winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and of the Granada Award as Foreign Correspondent of the Year, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

He is married, has five children and many grandchildren, and lives in Kensington and North Wales.

For more information on Tom Stacey please visit his website.

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